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Today, tensions are sometimes such that the word can not be heard, the debate is irrelevant and impossible. So? .. So, as I have no vocation for sacrifice myself, I take refuge behind my status as a teacher and I draw from my bag a “handout” always some in reserve or questionnaire on which passions are s’ dampen a while and then I can look at them, see the path of muffled whispers and messages and sometimes understand, which allows me to be more efficient, sometimes … this week in 5th grade, pupils table machines they invented. “Chrystele why your handlebar is retractable it?” Redness, laughter, embarrassment, small does not know where to go.

You know what that means “skirt”? – No! and finally explain that to her, it was something shameful, dirty, hence the disorder. Sometimes an entire hour is going to meet such unexpected questions. (It happened last year in 4th class violence was still there;. Continue Reading →

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